Our vision is to provide our patients with with the highest quality medical care based for full and dignified inclusion into their community so they can pursue their hopes and dreams.

Overview of the Adult & Pediatric, Plastic & Craniofacial anomalies we treat

The more common abnormalities are cleft lips and palates as well as various ear deformities either by themselves or as part of the spectrum of craniofacial microsomia which can manifest as limited deformity of the ear and preauricular tags all the way to severe developmental deficiency of half (or sometimes bilateral) the face including maldeveloped mandible, missing temporomandibular joint, small zygoma and dystopia.  Craniosynostoses, or deformities of the skull shape from premature closure of cranial sutures are another less common group of deformities.  Then there is a spectrum of rare unique deformities that may occur involving the skull and face.  All these occur because the face the first few weeks life developments in segments that fuse.  Environmental or genetic factors affect the success and outcome of these fusions.

At least 1 in 500 children will be born with some craniofacial anomaly.  We also treat more rare disorders such as Giant Melanocytic Nevi.  These are moles that cover large areas of the body and are both an aesthetic problem as well as have a high malignancy risk.  Pediatric tumors of the craniofacial region as well as post-traumatic disorders such malpositions of the eye or jaws are also reconstructed as well as malocclusion problems and obstructive sleep apnea which has been linked to severe health problems.

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